Advance Persistence Threat

Advance Persistence Threat

No matter the size of your organization, advanced cyber-attacks, such as Advanced Persistent Threats, represent a credible threat and risk to your organization. Whether a cybercriminal, disgruntled activist, competitor or nation-state actor, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) must address the risk these adversaries pose to their organization.

Information security research and analysis firm Securosis presents a four-step process in their eBook, “The CISO’s Guide to Advanced Attackers.”

  • Gather intelligence
  • Mine for cyber threat indicators
  • Respond to information security alerts
  • Break the “kill chain” or cyber-attack process

CREDO’s Solutions can help you at every step:

  • Global threat intelligence from our Counter Threat Unit (CTU) about emerging cyber threats against your organization
  • Threat hunting services to mine deep within the environment for threat indicators
  • Active incident responders contain the advanced threat and break the kill chain