Cisco Infrastructure

Cisco Infrastructure

Infrastructure is core of your network. Well-structured network design can reduce latency and increase the speed of your network for better performance. Various elements that we need to consider while designing are switching like L2,L3, IPbase, LANbase, redundancy, latency, broadcast domain , multi-casting , collision domain, POE, PEO+, stacking , SFP etc. With Cisco, we are providing assistance for designing, implementing and supporting network backbone with redundancy and security without compromising performance.
Wireless: Access Point (AiroNet 16xx, 26xx, 36xx, 37xx Series), Access Point Outdoor (15xx Series), Controller (55xx, 57xx, 85xx)

Products Offering:

Routers: Cisco Branch Routers (4000 Series, 800 Series), Cisco Edge Routers (ASR 10xx Series), Cisco Service Provider (ASR 9000, 6000, 1000, 900 Series)
Switches: LAN Switches (Catalyst 29xx, 35xx, 36xx, 37xx, 38xx, 45xx, 49xx, 65xx, 68xx Series), Data Center Switches (Nexus 40xx, 50xx, 60xx, 70xx, 90xx Series), Service Provider (ME 34xx, 36xx, 46xx, 37xx) WAN Switches (MGX/IGX 8xxx Series)

Services Offering:

  • Borderless Network Services
  • Cloud and Systems Management Services
  • Data Center and Virtualization Services
  • Routing Services
  • Security Services
  • Storage Networking Services
  • Switching Services
  • Wireless Services