Network Security

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Storage and backup is a key aspect of data security. Today it is done majorly through cloud based solutions and unfortunately, this is another vulnerability in your system waiting to be exploited.

We utilize a cloud access security broker, which can prevent unwanted access, monitor for malicious files and programs and warn network administrators of unwanted or dangerous actions. It is the most ideal solution to enforcing policies on platforms which rely heavily on cloud services.

The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can be an on-location hardware or even a software in the cloud. They provide a host of useful services such as single sign ons, authentication and authorizations, encryption, malware detection and prevention, access layer mapping and provide a secure medium for data to travel to and from the cloud.

The number of organizations utilizing a CASB solution has shot up drastically as more and more companies are utilizing cloud services in their daily operations.