Network Security


A DDoS attack, or a distributed denial of service attack is one where massive strain is put on your server to crash it. This is done by redirecting traffic to your site by mostly unethical methods. Once in charge, these hackers can hold your servers hostage and make demands.
All web services need to be hosted on a server. This means your website, social media accounts, cloud storage and any other online services your organisation utilizes are all hosted on a server somewhere. A DDoS attack will target this server in an attempt to bring all your web services offline. This generally results in a loss of time, revenue and potentials leads as well!

Our DDoS prevention systems implement a system of checks and balances, which can detect these rapidly building attacks and appropriately place chokes and funnels to keep your servers protected! The Credo’s IPS solutions also work wonders in stopping unwanted DDoS attacks!