Network Security


At the very core of any business practise lies a series of binary ones and zeros – your data! This data holds everything from your company logo to the most secret details of your upcoming merger – and it is always the first casualty in an attack on your system architecture!

Data loss prevention is ingrained deeply into the fabric of any properly secure network. But there are many interesting aspects to what a DLP software can achieve. Detection of data breaches and possible faults in network security is the primary purpose of the Credo’s DLP solutions.

The wonders of DLP technology do not stop here! It can also be utilized to cordon off sensitive data, provide details on what can and can’t be copied at end points and even filter information selectively!

In addition to basic network security measurements, DLP solutions are also essential for any and every business operating in the digital landscape. Keep your data where it belongs – in your hands! Consult our network specialists on finding a suitable DLP solution tailor made for your needs!