Network Security

Firewall and UTM

Any computer user is aware of the benefits of a firewall. It is the fundamental building block of a secure system. Without a dedicated firewall, your computer will soon be teeming with viruses and worms you’ve probably never even heard of!

Cyber security tools need to evolve as attacks on data and networks become more sophisticated. A firewall is the most basic requirement of any secure network. Think of it as a safety net that protects you while you surf the internet. A firewall is the first line of defence in your fight against malware.

A UTM or Unified Threat Management system takes this process one step further by attaching a hardware component directly to the main network node, further boosting the protection capabilities of any firewall. UTM systems go hand in hand with firewalls and the market for this software is already in the billions!

A UTM is pretty much an end-all solution to malware and cyber threats. It is the perfect level of protection for organizations with sensitive data such as SMEs, Banks, Hospitals, etc.