Network Security

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Prevention is better than cure. This holds true for our Intrusion Prevention Systems, designed to implement proactive measures to potential hack attempts and exploits of vulnerabilities in your network. As opposed to reactive solutions, an IPS will predict and solve your security needs before it gets out of hand!

Think of it in terms of inventory. If you owned a garment store, you would probably record inventory.. when it hit a certain percentage – let’s say 20% – of the total inventory. However if you waited till your stocks were all out, you’d probably lose valuable time and customers too! Similarly, Credo’s IPS solutions implement a smart, proactive approach to all your future problems!

An IPS generally sits behind the firewall layer in a network and should be able to detect faults without causing any loss in network efficiency! Credo’s IPS solutions will sit… quietly in your network waiting for an opportunity to reveal vulnerabilities in your network – hopefully never! And until then you won’t even know our IPS is there!