Lan Analyzer

Lan Analyzer

PRTG keeps an eye on these 5 pillars of LAN monitoring


In many sectors, employees need high-performance workstation computers, such as those used for video or 3D processing. Workstation functionality is thus paramount to productivity. From the hard disk to the CPU: with PRTG, you’re always in the know.


All network data passes via the routers. They are the hubs of your LAN, and therefore must be monitored. The sooner you see your routers overloading, the quicker you’ll be able to take countermeasures. PRTG lets you keep a constant eye on their status.


As distribution nodes, your switches are also under extreme pressure. All it takes is one single switch to overload for your entire LAN network to suffer. Never lose sight of your switches with PRTG. If a switch overloads, you’ll notice it at once.


PRTG monitors all kinds of hardware and servers. It supports all major manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Oracle or Dell. Whether database, mail, or web servers: PRTG gives you an uninterrupted overview and total control so your servers can run both smoothly and flawlessly. And you’ll be notified quickly at the very first sign of trouble.


How much network bandwidth do you have? Which devices and applications need how much bandwidth? With PRTG, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your bandwidth. And that means you can ensure the hassle-free operation of your company or organization.

PRTG improves your LAN at all levels


Your LAN network should be completely operational at all times. Example: a router switches off at night – without your knowledge. Scenarios like this are virtually impossible with PRTG. You can monitor the uptime of your network any time you like by using an SNMP Uptime Sensor.


Firewalls are attacked countless times each and every day. As an administrator, you must be notified immediately if your firewall is down. A PRTG Ping-Sensor indicates the accessibility of your firewall in real time. Should your firewall crash, you’ll immediately receive an SMS, e-mail, or other type of push notification. PRTG monitors firewalls from different vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet or Sonicwall.


Your company or organization is experiencing continuous growth? An increase in employees leads to a greater amount of traffic –  and even more devices. This automatically results in bottlenecks. With PRTG, you can monitor devices comprehensively with just one central tool, such as the SNMP Hardware Status Sensor.