Management and Analytics

Management and Analytics Challenges

The Fortinet management and analytics solution provides powerful automation-ready single pane of glass management and visibility, advanced compliance reporting, and network-aware rapid response across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.  Fortinet management and analytics technologies have been tested for more than a decade and is deployed by thousands of customers around the world across all major industry verticals.

As enterprise networks have morphed and changed with digital transformation, once relied upon tools have become outdated and obsolete. Yet, many are still deployed alongside newer technology stacks, creating a complex environment that does not interoperate. Enterprises deploy an average of 32 different vendor solutions that lack shared threat intelligence—a cybersecurity hurdle that is often compounded with a lack of skilled cybersecurity personnel to manage these networks.

Security teams globally are challenged by resource constraints, both in terms of staff numbers and raw security talent. Security teams are increasingly being asked to do more, often with more complex networks and growing numbers of alerts from multiple systems.


You can successfully allay these challenges by implementing three best practices:

  • Demand simplified configuration management, shortening deployment time and mitigating misconfiguration caused by human error.
  • Build your environment for a single monitoring point, creating a big-picture perspective that focuses on the real priorities.
  • Implement next-level analysis to cut through the noise and leverage your security expertise.

These security operations best practices are embodied in the Fortinet management solution: FortiAnalyzer,  FortiCloud,  FortiManager,  and FortiSIEM.

Management & Analytics products enable efficient administration, visibility, and insight into the entire Security Fabric.