Network Topology and Health Diagnostics Reports

Automatic Discovery & Dependency Mapping

You need a passive, non-disruptive, and scalable service assurance solution. Gain essential visibility into the relationships and interrelated nature of the entire IT environment to effectively triage service issues. Configure threshold alerts and reporting based upon service or operational team requirements. And gain insights for capacity planning by monitoring resource-intensive processes. nGeniusONE monitors your network traffic on both the packet and holistic process level. Easily diagnose processes that consume the most network bandwidth and have connection problems.

Deep Packet Inspections

Traffic data is the singular source of truth when it comes to dealing with resource constraints, disparate tools, IT silos, outdated processes, network complexity, and exponential data growth. Our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform with Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology enables top-down service management and traffic-based intelligence across complex, converged IT environments.

Predictive Analytics and Contextual Workflows

Our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform with ASI technology provides rapid and clear insights based on rich analysis, metrics and views into your applications, service enablers, server transactions, user communities, and the network. This solution offers top-down contextual workflows, reducing mean-time-to-knowledge so you can triage problems more quickly.


NETSCOUT’s nGeniusPULSE delivers the visibility needed into today’s evolving IT eco-system to ensure the availability, reliability, and performance of your mission-critical business services across your multi-cloud environment, from wherever users need access.

Monitor Access to Critical Services:

nGeniusPULSE uses active, synthetic testing to verify the availability and performance of the applications and services your users need. Automatically and routinely simulate real user actions, testing the apps – and components within the app, services, and the network – even when no users are on the system.