Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Plug-In Modules

Each plug-in module integrates seamlessly with WhatsUp Gold extending core discovery, alerting, reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Network Traffic Analysis

Assure ample bandwidth for critical applications and get visibility to the business impact of performance problems. Our Network Traffic Analysis monitoring solution integrates with WhatsUp Gold supporting a wide variety of flow protocols including NetFlow, NSEL, QUIC, sFlow, J-Flow and IPFIX. Features include:

  • A centralized view of network traffic data with built-in reports
  • Top application reports using Cisco’s NBAR classification data
  • CBQoS reports for the details on class-based policies

Application Monitoring

Extend your visibility to the applications, services and systems that run your business. WhatsUp Gold’s Application Performance Monitoring plug-in includes the ability to generate web transaction scripts to monitor response times. Quickly isolate the root causes of performance problems with features that include:

  • Built-in, customizable monitoring profiles for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory
  • Dashboards and reports for visibility across all apps, individual apps or component level detail.

Configuration Management

Automate device configuration backups and restores to reduce errors and support compliance requirements for HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS and other regulations. The Configuration Manager automates configuration backups for network devices that support Telnet or SSH. Other features include:

  • Alerts for all configuration changes
  • Audits that compare running configurations against defined policies
  • Built-in scripts for SNMP string changes, user name adds/removals, configuration backups

Virtual Environment Monitoring

Your VMware and Hyper-V resources shouldn’t be a blind spot. The Virtual Monitoring plug-in accesses vCenter and Hyper-V Manager APIs to gather performance statistic and maps out the virtual environment. Get proactive alerts on performance stats and event logs.

Discover management services (such as VMware vCenters) or individual hypervisors (Hyper-V, ESX/ESXi) running in an unmanaged environment. Get the monitoring and logging continuity required in high-availability, fault tolerant or workload managed environments.

Failover Manager

Assure minimal monitoring downtime. Automatically switch WhatsUp Gold from a primary server to a standby server when the primary system is not functioning normally. The Failover Console displays primary server and secondary server data including:

  • The machine’s host server address
  • Machine status states including: Active – currently polling the network, Standby – ready to assume network polling, Down – unable to perform network polling, or Unknown

Distributed Monitoring

Scale network management to gain visibility to geographically remote networks. The distributed network monitoring feature extends the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold to multiple remote networks, allowing a central installation server and one or more remote installations.

Monitor remote installations from a designated central network management server. Create remote site dashboard views. A number of remote installations can send data back to the central server creating a unified view for managing multiple remote networks.