Network Traffic

Network Traffic

Looking to capture network traffic? Here are three typical situations where PRTG comes in handy


As a responsible administrator, you hope to obtain an overview of how much traffic is flowing through your network. PRTGlets you optimize network capacity planning. You can also determine if your full data allowance is actually being used, or if you need to buy more or can make do with less.


Is your company’s Internet connection becoming less and less reliable? Errors occur in the network – but you don’t know why? With PRTG, you get a network traffic tool that analyzes your data consumption and uncovers the causes of network disruptions. You’ll also identify bottlenecks and security leaks. Read more about network security here.


Every network has a bandwidth hog. It might be an individual application, video stream, or overloaded WLAN. But it could also be a simple print job containing some big files that are temporarily clogging the network. PRTG Network Analyzerallows you to identify bandwidth hogs and therefore optimize your consumption of data.

Looking for a network traffic tool that will let you keep a constant eye on your network traffic – even while on the go?

PRTG can be started within minutes and it’s compatible with many mobile devices.