Network Visibility

Small or large, every organization needs to have a platform to work and communicate on. Credo implements personalized solutions for organizations of all sizes. While we focus on security and flexibility, one of our most exciting features is the structured and straightforward network visibility!

Complete transparent network architecture. Connect systems to a unified network, collaborate in real time and monitor issues as and when they develop! Avoid the hassles of network interruptions and get in front of any issue preemptively.

As your company grows, so does the size of your network. We have seen many organizations get lost in the chaos associated with expanding network architecture and implementing policies across these new nodes of traffic.

Gain clear insights into the way traffic moves across your company network and enforce policies at the drop of a hat! Keep track of network hotspots and think of ways to divert traffic where you find network speeds dropping with our easy to use and even easier to understand network visibility solutions!