Here is where the rubber hits the road where our manufacturing, logistics and build team come into play. Here is where we mobilise and deploy the team members and materials chosen by you in your location. This is the point where your happy home begins to get into shape.

Here detailed estimates of costs occurring in the “Happy Home” build is calculated and offered to customer. After your approval we go ahead and reach the final step.

We get to the architectural design details and finishes required of your happy home. Let us work out together what works best for you, what you like and prefer. We love what you love.

We mobilise a site engineer to survey the land. It is very necessary to know about the topography, what kind of soil is it and what is the climate of that location because there are certain codes of construction for particular geography.

Lets discuss over coffee and understand about your happy home, where you would you wish to build it and what would you like in specific. With our years of experience we can brainstorm what best for you and also suggest you a piece of land if required.