Virtualization is becoming the main technology that is shaping the future of the next generation data centre; The transformation of today’s data centres into ‘virtualized’ data centres has now become the most significant strategy for most of IT organizations, of all sizes, around the globe. Virtualization promise to deliver great benefits for the enterprise: reducing the total cost of ownership, increasing the utilization of existing resources and Operational efficiency, improving manageability and control; and ensuring faster responsiveness in supporting new business initiatives.

However, Virtualization is a broad concept, and it touches every aspect of the DataCenter; what aspect should you address first? What solution can help you achieving your business needs and the desired virtualization benefits? And what is the right way of deploying this solution?

The true benefits of virtualization cannot be realized without an initial proper assessment of your environment and holistic solution that touches each layer of the entire data centre.

At CREDO, we do our best to deliver on the promise of virtualization and help you to realize the benefits of a virtual data centre. Our consultants will assess your infrastructure’ needs, and then identify, recommend and deploy a virtualization solution that is right for your business.

Our Offerings:

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the most commonly used virtualization technology today. By concept, Server virtualization enables multiple operating systems and applications to run simultaneously on different virtual machines created on the same physical server (or group of servers).

Before server virtualization, servers were limited to serving only one application at a time. Conversely, many applications do not take full advantage of the hardware capabilities available to them. Consequently, resources such as processors, memory, and storage remain underutilized.

The virtualization layer helps to overcome resource conflicts by isolating applications running on different operating systems and on the same machine.

In addition, server virtualization can dynamically move the underutilized hardware resources to a location where they are needed most, improving utilization of the underlying hardware resources.

Why VIRTUALIZING your Servers?

  • Reduce DataCenter capital and operational costs by Consolidating Hardware & Increasing Server Utilization
  • Improve efficiency and flexibility, productivity and IT/Business alignment
  • Accelerate provisioning time by 50-70%
  • Increase utilization of existing hardware from 5-15% up to 80%
  • Reduce hardware requirements by a 10:1 ratio or better
  • Simplify management
  • Reduce power and cooling costs, and lower floor space requirements
  • Achieve higher levels of performance, availability and disaster recovery
  • Improve server backup processes
  • Respond quickly to business needs and growth requirements

Desktop Virtualization

The conventional PC desktop model has challenged organizations in terms of security, flexibility and ease-of-management. PC-based infrastructure is becoming very expensive to maintain and use, and hard to manage and secure. Most organizations struggle with how to protect sensitive data and information – perhaps in the interests of compliance – without inhibiting the efficiency and productivity of employees.

The virtual desktop enables users to enjoy the benefits and functionality of a traditional desktop, such as personalizing individual desktops, printing locally, and audio and video, while reducing many of the IT challenges related to managing and securing a large distributed desktop environment.

Why VIRTUALIZE your desktop?

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce desktop management costs
  • Speeds updates, application deployments and upgrades across the enterprise
  • Centralize data and applications for easier back-up, greater security, and IP protection
  • Provides a resilient and “always on” desktop solution, increasing availability, mobility and flexibility
  • Ties the desktop to user identity instead of device
  • Manage thousands of desktops with just a few system administrators

Storage Virtualization

DataCenter resource and management requirements are becoming more and more complex. Increased complexity is leading to increased cost, the amount of data to be stored is growing exponentially and storage availability and performance are therefore reduced. Optimizing your data storage through virtualization can help you to overcome these challenges; your desktop;
CREDO’s, by partnering with the market leaders in Storage, offer a wide range of virtualization technologies that address SAN, NAS, file system, and backup layers. Storage virtualization solutions help you to consolidate disk resources, create storage tiers, reduce complexity, and automatically archiving inactive data according to your policies.

Why Storage Virtualization?

  • Reduce costs by efficiently using storage assets
  • Enhance availability, by accelerating Backups and restores, which lead that applications respond faster with instant access to data
  • Reduce complexity. Administrators can easily and centrally manage multiple independent storage devices that may be scattered over a network
  • Increase data integrity. Backup, recovery, and ILM processes are more reliable and consistent
  •  Simplify data migration and disaster recovery