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Website monitoring: Advantages of PRTG


When errors occur on your website, their causes can lie in the most unexpected of places. PRTG shines the flashlight on every nook and cranny: databases, servers, CDN, applications, hardware. You will therefore save considerable time getting to the root of problems and can fix errors faster.


With PRTG, there are no lurking hidden costs. Alarm feature, reports, apps – everything is included. If you’re looking to set up a small monitoring system for your website, our free version, which comes with 100 sensors, may be all you ever need.


PRTG comes with a customizable alarm system. Receive alerts by email, push notification, or SMS. Configure the alarm so you are only notified when absolutely necessary. With the time that is freed up, you can calmly go about the rest of your tasks.


Custom reports enable you to document the availability and load times of your website automatically – even over longer periods of time. You can show these reports to your higher-ups when you need to invest in your IT infrastructure to obtain high availability and optimal load times for your website, for example.


Do you travel a lot for work? No problem! PRTG is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets, which means you can access our network monitoring tool from wherever you happen to be. The PRTG dashboard offers a quick, compact overview of your system.


Test the trial version of PRTG for free. It takes just two minutes to configure PRTG. Use the trial to get a detailed look at our software, and to help you make a decision. Our customer support will be happy to answer your questions.